• Marilyn Goff Pittore September 19, 2019

    My brother was here for a broken hip. What makes this place so special and great are the people that work there. I can honestly say they are the best I have ever seen. I hope the new owners recognize the only value to this facility is really it's people (staff) and the care they give to the patients. I hope the new owners treat their staff very well and in turn the staff will continue to keep patients wanting to use Timberidge. I was shocked to learn of one especially talented aide only made between $9-10 per hour! She waits on patients effortlessly from bathing them head to to, changing dirty diapers, bringing them whatever they need, getting them ready for bed, etc. always with gentleness and care, going the extra mile. How can anyone live on that salary in today's world. Hopefully, something can be done to improve things like this.

  • Denise Allen-Murphy Columbus, Ohio - April 11, 2017

    My Mom is in Rehab here. I am so very pleased with the Staff here. So very friendly and helpful and extremely patient with her. The facility is very , very clean. Always had an aid sitting right outside the rooms in hallway. 1 aid per 4 rooms as they sleep. I am so very , Thankful to have found this facility for Moms recovery . If I could give it a solid 10.! Physical Therapy had been working with Mom and they are top notch in their field. The in unit Doctor is very understanding and gentle. He listens to the patients and they have a voice . which is rare in this day and time. Food served is delicious also. Again very rare. And if Mom don't feel upto eating at Dinner time they make sure she has a balanced meal when she is feeling like she can eat some. Extreamly Greatful to all that have helped with Moms recovery from her Heart Attack.! Thanks again Timber Ridge Staff

  • Pat Crevier Boston, Me - 24/10/2017

    I went to see very close friend there yest. He was very happy and they treated him very good my dad was in here 5 years ago and he loved it I am very impressed by the friendliness of the staff and nurses, the food is very good and the rooms are clean and well kept. I would recommend this place to everyone. My dad was very happy when he was alive to be here. Very good place

  • Sal Di Domenico December 4, 2016

    My wife was transported here from MRMC and in less than 24 hours she looks and sounds 100% better already! The staff seems to be caring and compassionate and happy with their job. Thank you very much for taking care of the most important person in my life. God Bless

  • Jim Higginbotham May 24, 2018

    such a great place and staff here. after 3 weeks I'm back home from a stroke.

  • Pat Crevier June 20

    Doing my outpatient therapy here after a total knee replacement. Gym is well equipped, my therapist, Michelle, is terrific and I would definitely recommend .

  • Sukie Martinez September 18, 2015

    It's a wonderful, caring center my husband stayed there for about 13 days, it's like home away from home. .